Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Recently, I lost a dear friend to brain cancer. His loss has been crushing. Antidepressants helped a bit, but I decided I needed better coping skills, so I made an appointment with a specialist to check my meds and refer me to a therapist.

The day of the appointment, I was running late - and realized I knew the suite number, but not the address, that is so like me, to know details but not the big picture. I almost went home, which is my normal response to a stressful situation, but I had waited more than a month to be seen! So I guessed what building it was, and I was correct.

The interview went okay, my stress was apparent. Halfway through the intake, she asked if anyone had ever suggested that I was an Aspie. I thought about it and remembered in 1995 a psychiatrist had described my cluster of symptoms as "Social Autism". I thought he had made the term up.

She arranged an evaluation with an Asperger's specialist. My husband questioned why I needed a "label" after my diagnosis. I told him how freeing it was to finally let go of all the guilt I have carried all my life.

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  1. If at first you don't succeed medically, try, try again. I am glad someone finally got it right.