Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teddy Bear's Picnic

October 24, 1981

Writing as a nineteen year old.

Aja just flipped over backwards off our bed. She seemed a little embarrassed, wishing she hadn't been so engrossed with her radio playing "Teddy Bears' Picnic" that she flipped off into the depths only to be saved by the pillows her mother placed in that very spot in case such a thing might happen.

Aja just happens to be almost ten months old but she seems both younger and older than that.

In the months that she has been here, she has progressed from a small being (father says "small and flopping around") to a little girl who talks (mama and dada and various other sounds of delight) and plays and has an attention span of a much older child.

Aja and her dad play together as if they were best buddies. Aja never gets angry but she always gets hurt some way: bump on the head or something like dad biting her finger, but usually nothing catastrophic.

December 19, 1981

Aja is certainly growing up. This summer she is going to have a little brother or sister. She loves babies so I hope she likes having a baby around.

Soon it will be Christmas and Aja will get over stimulated, cranky and tired. We didn't buy her many toys because we know all of the people who know her will buy her toys, toys, toys! Then aster Christmas, her birthday will arrive and my baby will be a whole year old! I don't believe it!

December 21, 1981

Today, Cris took me to see a movie called "Neighbors" starring John Belushi and Dan Akroid. It was strange. It was supposed to be a comedy - a screenplay written from a book of the same title. It was supposed to be about middle-class paranoia but I didn't really catch the point. It was pretty stupid but funny in a few spots. I think Lampoon does the best comedy. Anyways, it was nice going out with Cris and leaving Aja at Gramma's house. We were told she was very good.

Today Aja was playing outside at Grandpa Norm's house while dad was shoveling. She messed up her snowsuit - got it all full of mud so Gramma washed it tonight.

It sure doesn't seem like Christmas is 4 days away. Today Cris looked at the thermometer in Aja's room. It is between the window and the plastic. It was 110° F! It was only 29° outside, now that is solar heating! I wanted to open the window and let all the warm air in but the window doesn't open. Oh well.

December 22, 1981

I am sick today. I've been sick but today I really feel bad. I've been wearing my pajama's all day long. I couldn't sleep last night 'cause I was coughing.

Aja opened up another X-mas present from Grampa Bruce and M. It was a yellow bib with a bear on it. Cris went shopping for me downtown today. He also got me some cough syrup.

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