Sunday, March 28, 2010

Too Much Infomation!

May 19, 1982
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Aja has learned how to say "hi" and "bye" and she is always greeting people or saying bye to them, it is so cute. We are finally hearing her true speaking voice. She sure understands a lot now too - and tries ti say things though they are hard to pronounce - bird is hard but she says "bir" and the tries to make a bird sound and when we are at Gramma's house out on the porch, she opens the porch door and calls "kigie" in her high-pitched voice - so cute! My pride and joy!

Cris writes in my journal...

Still May

And something else is discovered - raeeeen! A very cute little word that she associates with all sorts of water (except ba - or bath). Quite shocking and sometimes scary, she seems fascinated by rain. She handled it pretty well the other day when we all got stuck in Pioneer Park, seeking refuge under a slide from a small shower.

We have quite a bit of fun, Aja and I, while Sue's at work, subbing at the daycare now and then. We get along and communicate pretty well. She never takes a nap though. Too much to do, so she goes right to sleep when mom gets home.

That rain. That rain was the start of Aja's first ear infection. She has had infections all her life in her ears. She is deaf in one of her ears now. It is my fault.

All this detailed information about Aja really reminded me of the baby book. I asked Aja about it. She said it was in the storeroom under the stairs. Since I am on spring break, I thought, "Hey! I should clean and organize that room." 

Aja pulled the book out of her storage box. I photographed most of the pages. I present them for your amusement.

aja's baby book



  1. So, I am unclear. Did you invite Cris to write in your journal? If not, is this another one of his boundary issues? I think I would be totally pissed if someone wrote in my journal uninvited - I don't care who it would be. But, if you asked him to write, that is different and I shouldn't be creeped out. Right?

  2. These are early journals now. I think he probably asked to write in it. We were really young - he was still in high school. I thought the early journals would be an emotional break from the last one - but I am wrong. It is more painful to read the "happy" exclamation point-user! I can hardly stand the blow-by-blow descriptions of my boring life. At least this journal spans the happy 1980s to the dreadful mid-80s when Cris begins his affairs.