Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He seems to be a happy baby

Cris writes in my journal...

September 9, 1982 

Just got back from shopping and all of us are soaking wet. A warm September cloud burst. The third today. The first ones came 30 seconds after we finished washing the "Bug" in Bayport. Only have had it about a week and we still can't quite believe it. We finally own a red VW. Cute little thing. Sue drives it rather well - but not as often as she'd like. Eric also has fallen in love with the feel of driving the little bugger. I get to steal it away all for myself when I drive it to work and home for lunch. Oh yea, another first. A job I rather like - Studio Sin Something (unreadable) - North Main Street, Stillwater. I can really get into it. and I have the callouses and razor cuts all over my hands to prove it. They hurt - but in the pain I feel accomplishment and satisfaction. Aja's taking a bath now. She's really got the hang of her potty chair. Harris is getting stronger all the time. Since Sue spends the day with them while I work she can fill in the details of their most recent progress. Take it away love.

September 14, 1982

Aja is certainly learning to talk. She has learned to say "mine" in the last week. She uses "me" sometimes too. Among her new words are: Pickle, Eggs, Yogurt, Button, Barrette, Doll, Paint, Diaper, Pen, Bee, Write and Pin to name a few.

She is starting to use her potty chair more often. One day she used it from morning until nap time with no diaper on and absolutely no accidents! She loves to brush her teeth every night after her bath. And she even takes her naps and sleeps at night after a hug and kiss from dad then from mom. I lay her down and wait until she puts her leggs down (she holds them up in the air) and then I cover her up with her blanket and say "goodnight" and "I will see you in the morning - or when you wake up".

It took a long time for her to get used to the idea of being by herself but now Cris and I can even talk while she's laying awake and talking to herself in bed.

Wow, Harris is going to the doctor today. We will see how much he has grown. I know he's done a lot of growing. He smiles a lot and coos when I talk to him. He seems to be a happy baby. He can hold his head up mostly too. He loves to take a bath and when the water is running in the sink for it he is happy and seems to know what is coming. Harris likes to swing, and rock, to be held and talked to and sit in his chair and watch Aja playing. He kind of tenses up when he sees her coming close because she hugs him hard and tries to pick him up like a doll or something. She is getting nicer I think. When I am holding Harris, Aja sometimes asks me to put him in his bed or in the swing so I can hold her but usually she sits on my lap with him.

I will write more when we come back from the doctor's. Harrison weighed in at 11 pounds 5 ounces and he is 23-1/2 inches long!

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