Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big change is coming

October 11, 1982

Aja is starting to use simple sentences in the past few days. She said "Bye bye Eric", "Hi Daddy", "Come here kitty", "Dolly owie", and so on. We're pretty proud of her now, wow!

November 16, 1982

Aja was almost 2 years old
June 22, 1983

Aja was 2-1/2 years old

November 16, 1983

Harris is talking a lot now. His vocabulary is...bye bye (very clearly), Hi, Kitty (kigkig), Doggy (Dag(ah)), Spoon (spoo), Juice (clearly), Mom (Ma), Dad (Da), Wool (woo), Bath (bah), Yes (Yah or mhm - and nods his head), Shoe (shoo), Sock, Boot (boooo-eet), Book (boop), Fish (fiss), Nose (nooze) and I am sure he says more but I just can't remember any right now.

By now, I see how Aspergian my lists of words have been. I can assure you it is my last. I know it is my last because I see what is on the next page of my journal. I skip two years into the future. My life up to this point has been pretty predictable. I like predictable. I like things NOT to CHANGE. I do not deal with change well. But big change is coming. I don't deal with that well.

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