Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do you know what to do

March 18, 1986

We never talked about sex, ever. I discussed it once with my mother when I was in fifth grade. I was in Mrs. Loney's class and we were on the Sex Education unit. My dog, Sandy was having her period. I said to my mother, "Sandy is menstruating." My mom said, "Yes". That was it. When I talked once more about it with her I had my first period. It was Christmas, and I was in seventh grade. I said, "I have my first period". She said, "Do you know what to do? There are some pads under the sink." That was about the extent of it.

My family growing up was very repressed. We are the children of an Aspergian Doctor and (I believe) a Valium mother. My youngest sister called poop "Bomb-o-mint". It wasn't until I was an adult, that I understood that she was trying to say "Bowel Movement". Who teaches their children that? Crazy! I can remember my dad in the corner of my brain asking if I needed to have a bowel movement as a child. It is only a flash, a shadow, as most childhood memories are to me. Bowel Movement! Repression!

Repress all bodily functions! Never speak of them. They were cause for embarrassment.

I cannot remember why I reminisced about this in my journal at this time.

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