Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gulibility is a small town in Korea

September 16, 1986

Peter told me the neatest story today about where he came from. I'm writing it down because I don't want to forget it.

Peter was born in Korea to a rich woman from an extremely wealthy family and a Mongolian first star general who was 6'3" and weighed 265 lbs. His father left their family on Peter's first birthday - right after the party - and he never came back. The army then came and took his mother's possessions - jewelery, clothes, furniture - and left them in poverty.

She sold her car and put the money into the black market - as a loan shark and made a lot of money. Then Korea had a revolution and all her money was no good so they were peasants again. Well, they were living in an apartment no bigger than a bathroom for awhile as his mother worked as a secretary in a Buddhist monastery. His mother had an idea - she put Peter in a Catholic Orphanage where he would receive a free education - believing Peter would get no where without a good education. She promised to visit every weekend - which she did by bribing the guards. Well, three months later, Peter was adopted by a couple in Bloomington, MN. His mother flipped out. That wasn't in the plans and wasn't supposed to happen.

When Peter left, she met him at the airport. Later, she went up to the mountains to be eaten by tigers. She was there for five days and nights and she had a vision - it was to become a Buddhist Nun. When she came down from the mountain, she met a nun who told her to come with her and be an "Apprentice". Well, she went to live in the monastery and had another vision, that is she copied the "Buddhist Bible" 100 times on the 100th time she would see her son again.

Many years passed and Peter wanted to get in touch with his mother. So he sent a picture of himself at nine years of age and his mother to be published in a newspaper in Korea. One of his mother's friends saw the picture and told his mother. When Peter came to Korea, she was on her 100th copy of the bible!

She told Peter that she would die in two years, which she did and she left him a diary which she had kept for 14 years and she also left him the Buddhist temple. She told him never to sell the temple but to appoint a new head nun - which he will do in November.

I think this is such a nice story. I'm glad Peter shared it with me. Life is so far out sometimes.

::Rolls Eyes::