Saturday, April 17, 2010

My (Five year) One Year Diary

Diary One Year

(Writing as a 10 year old. I was in 4th grade.)

My Birthday is today I got a... tape recorder, some tapes, a shirt, a game and this diary.

I watched Love Story and had a dream last night.

I fell in love for the first time with Randy. I wish I could run up and kiss him. But I am too afraid I never thought it was so hard.

I sent a letter to my love, Bobby Lincowski. I plan to marry him or get a kiss on the lips. I hope my Dream comes that he'll marry me. I will tell him that I will strip for him and do anything for him so he'll give me a kiss or if he marries me I will strip for him like anytime he wants. I know how I'll look when he does marry me. I will tell you - nothing! It will be fun.

(I mailed him an anonymous letter telling him to meet me at Shaefer's pond on 11/10. I included several nudes cut from the stash of Playboy Magazines my brother hid up inside the closet at the bottom of the stairs. At our 10th Class reunion, I admitted to Bob that I had written him the strange letter so long ago. He was amused and relieved to have finally known who had sent it. He said his mother had intercepted the letter and he had been grounded for weeks.)

We found a big dirty book: We stands for Kelly and Sue.

I'm getting a kiss or a husband today!

I Hate Bobby Lincowski!


Dear Diary, I promise to write to you every day. Love, Susan

I heard on T.V. the war in Viet Nam was ending. I was so happy I could cry and I did.

I taught Bobby Wacker how to ski. It was very fun. In school we had a nice opera. It was very good.

Dear Diary, I just saw Go Ask Alice on T.V. My new year's resolution is to never take any drugs as long as I live. I told Tom Lehman that I liked Tom Vasatka. I can't tell him that I like him. Love, Susan

Dear Diary, My or our dog Sandy went into my room and bit off a head of one of my stuffed toys. I was doing an experiment with water today. It was very warm today. I am reading Magie Elizabeth. It is a good book.

Dear Diary, I lost my favorite mitten at school. I still have one. Tomorrow I will go skiing. I will tell you about it. We are going to hardscrabble.

It was very bad. All the snow was melting. It was slush.

I am going to church. Oh ick.

I am happy but sad. I had a bad day in school.

It is our dog's birthday today. She got 3 presents.

I'm Comformed! My Comformation name is Elisabeth. 

(I left the misspellings as is - because it amuses me. I didn''t even know what the heck was going on. At some point a couple months earlier, my Sunday School group joined with the older kids. They were doing different sorts of things. I was confused and paid little attention to what was going on. At one point someone told me to pick a new name. After much deliberation, hopping around my patio on my pogo stick - so three hops at a time, fall off, repeat - I chose Elizabeth because I thought my initials would spell SEAL but they didn't - they spelled SAEL...My mother sewed me  dress with tiny roses on it. At church that day, everyone was very serious. Arch-Bishop Roach was there to confirm us. We waited in line and each went up to him. He smeared some oily stuff on my forehead and I went to sit down. Later my parents gave me a miniature rosebush. We planted it outside. It died soon afterward. I never knew what the whole thing was about until I was an adult and my sister Cindy told me. )

It is my sister's birthday. I'm very sorry I didn't write.

We just got home from a vacation to Oregon. I had clostraphobia.

Dan asked if I could come to his house but my mom said no. I was very mad.

I love Steve V.

I am going to Dan my cousin's house. In my photo album I hid pictures. I love Steve V. Today I went swimming in Laure's pool. We ate peanuts and threw the shells into Kleper's yard. It was fun. We made a fort on the monkey bars. It was cool.

I went to Laure Wacker's house at 11:00. She was at the store. I might not be able to go to Dan's house because the forth of July is on Wednesday of next week. Tonight I will watch the Brady Bunch. I love Steve V.

I can't go to Dan's house because They are staying to build their home for five days. I am a playboy but I am a girl so I will be a nudest. I will love it I know. It's twelve noon.

We're at our lake and we caught fireflies. My mom squished mine.

It is my brother Steve's Birthday. We went to ur lake and ate supper at nine.

(Actually my brother's birthday is on the 15th)

I love Steve and respect him. I so very much want to kiss him or at least tell him I love him. We went to the showboat today. We went to see Steven Foster. It was a musical. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve. I love Steve.

I so very much want to tell Steve that I love him more than anything.

I love Steve V. So much I could die.

I love Steve V. very, very much.

I dearly love Steve. I must impress him to like me then to love me. It is my dearest wish to marry him. My plan will take quite a while, for in school I am going to keep my hair washed and curled, wear clashy, classy, nice, neat clothes because I love that wonderful, beautiful, hndsome boy more than anything in this world.

I love Steve V. so much I wish to tell him I love him very much. In church today I bought my pig amd lion and Mary Gobile said she liked the lion better.

I was watching T.V. It was an educational movie. It said that true love never breaks. It is true because I have loved Steve ever since May. Isn't that funny?

I Hate Steve.

I hate Steve Veldman.

Today I went to Colleen's house. She and Kelly call up their boy friends. Colleen's was 13. His name was Mike. Kelly's was 15 and was Terry. They had a little brother named Denis. He was 11. All of them were sex maniacs just like me. Denis asked how big my bust line was. I said I liked him, he said maybe he would meet me at Jefferson someday. Now I am crazy about him.

Denis is a fake. So is Colleen and Kelly. Oh I hate them!

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