Sunday, April 18, 2010

Year 2: My One Year Diary

September 21, 1973
(I have just turned 11 years old)
My birthday was today. I got a blouse, some tapes and a game.

I like Steve Bartlet. He is very cute.


I will love Tom Lehman until I die!

Today was the first snow. We got 4 inches. Dawn Zweber got a baby brother today.

We got our Christmas tree today. We had turkey after. I hate the tree.

Last night I had a dream I could fly. I love Tom Lehman. Today in Social Studies we read a play called The Typewriter based on the Waltons. I was Olivia and Tom was John her husband. It was fun. I can't wait until Christmas.

"Special Events"
Going to Dan's house
Dan's father is going to make a round house. He is half way done with the first floor.
Thinking about Steve Veldman
Not thinking about Steve Veldman
Thinking about Tom Lehman and David Bruber.
Not thinking about Tom and David!
Having cool dream that I am married to Tom Lehman and he is a sex maniac.


We were at the lake and it was a bore.

I wish I had someone to play strip checkers with!

I am playing with Colleen and just decided not to be sexy! We played strip checkers. I give you my word I will not be a lesbian.

I threw away the strip checkers game but I still have the board!

I have just bought new clothes. I have 3 pairs of pants, 2 blouses, 2 sweaters - one short and one long sleeve, 2 bras, and half a dozen socks.

Both of my diaries are keeping track of my life so if you don't learn enough here use my other diary. My mom and dad are going to Europe on September 10th and coming back on the 1st of October. They will be gone during my birthday so I am going to have a party. I will invite boys and girls!

We started school (seventh grade) and I like Mike Brewer.

I like him very much.

Mike Brewer is a puss. I like another boy. I don't know his name.

I had fun in school. I found out what his name is. It is Ken. I don't know his last name.

Today I was sick and couldn't get up. I thought of Evel Knievel. I made a paper doll and it was Evel. I started to make a motorcycle for him but thought he couldn't make it over the Snake river. I took my rosary and prayer. It worked. He survived. I love the lord!

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